Why ‘Raino’?

Originally, Raino was meant to be Rhino but when we tested the name and its variations with multicultural audiences, we found out that the majority of our customers were actually pronouncing Raino as ˈrīnō. That’s how Rhino became Raino. We love it. It’s easy to remember, short and causes no funny spelling confusions.

The idea of referring to this particular animal was there from the start. The product was intended first and foremost as an application to help Executive Assistants get their job done. Being a good EA requires certain personality traits which we think are represented through the image of a rhino. These animals will not allow anything to stand in their way, they are rather mistrustful of strangers, and do not take time to act decisively.

Raino with its easy-to-use interface helps to get job done without the need for courteous business talk while building trust in a highly-secure technological environment.

What is it for?

Raino is a software solution which merges communication, processing, and payments into one simple-to-use mobile and desktop app. It helps you structure and simplify your inbound and outbound communication, keeps track of all asset-related expenses allowing a holistic view of the managed estate, including yachts, jets, villas, homes etc.. Raino is your essential helper when it comes to micro tasking as it simplifies requesting, invoicing, paying, while securely archiving these activities in an accessible format.

What are Raino’s Main benefits?

Raino considerably frees up your time and declutters mental space, and here is how:

  1. Raino sets the rules of the game which work for you.
  2. Raino is the only messenger you need to interact with all your stakeholders. Instead of switching between emails and all messaging tools there are, you bring all your vendor-related communication into one place.
  3. Raino transfers the task of to-do listing to your subordinates or contractors (vendors or suppliers). If they want your approval or payment, they need to place it through the system themselves, and it lands in an easy and readable form which only takes a click-of-a-button from you to approve or to pay.
  4. By integrating messaging, processing, and payments, Raino spares you from the necessity of being logged in many applications, windows, and systems. You have it all in front of you, at once.
  5. Raino’s secure environment allows highly sensitive transactions to take place right in the messenger where you approve them. And it’s all done on the go.
  6. Raino allows you to create and delete single-use email accounts in a matter of an instant which means you don’t need to deal with all the junk which follows after giving your personal email when registering for an event or booking a table.

Who is it for?

Estate and Property Managers, Executive Assistants, Virtual Assistants, Lifestyle Management companies, and Family Offices as well as their vendors and service providers allowing everyone to get their job done effectively and efficiently.

Who is an Account Holder in

Account Holders in are people who have the role of managing Assets. In case of Raino being used by (U)HNW households, Account Holders can be Landlords (or Principals) themselves, or their Private PAs, Chiefs of Staff, or Estate Managers. Account Holders can be managers of one Family Office or a Property Management company. Account Holders have the right to invite other users into the system. Usually, these users would be service providers, vendors and suppliers.

How secure is it?

Raino is inherently secure. It was conceived and developed by the person who more than anyone understands, values, and respects the levels of security, privacy, transparency, and accountability required within the UHNW industry. In the modern business world where cyber attacks have become a day-to-day reality, a more advanced technology is needed to protect the entrusted data of an UHNWi. Raino addresses these concerns with its zero-knowledge and above bank-grade end-to-end encryption. It guarantees no tracking, cookies or scripts and is fully GDPR compliant. We do not want to know anything about you!

How can I be sure this is not a scam?

Raino is a product developed by Arino Ltd, a UK-registered company which has been in profitable operation since 2011. Feodor Kouznetsov, Founder of Raino and CEO of Arino Ltd, is a well-known figure in the UHNW industry’s business circles and enjoys the reputation of a trusted and respected partner within the community of the industry’s stakeholders.

Feodor moved to the UK in 2009 to work for an UHNWi as an Executive Assistant. He has been operating in this role for the past ten years while working on Raino and other tech-driven projects with his international team.

Feodor now lives in Surrey, England, with his wife and daughter.

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